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    Debating London: how much are world records worth?

    Thursday 22nd June

    7.00 pm to 9.30 pm

    Tea House Theatre

    Vauxhall SE11 5HL


    About this debate

    This debate will see our panel of debaters present the arguments for and against erasing all world records set before 2005, a decision that the governing body of athletics - the IAAF - will have to make for themselves in July.

    Why? Because they only started storing blood and urine samples of athletes in 2005, without which they cannot test for sure if any of them had ever used illegal performance enhancing drugs.

    The dilemma they face, therefore, is whether they should allow pre-2005 record holders, such as Paula Radcliffe, to keep their honours despite being certain that at least some of them will have only achieved those records by cheating, OR erase all records and ensure that the athletes of tomorrow are not measured against standards set by cheaters, even if it means punishing those whose achievements were entirely legal and honourable.

    If it was your choice to make, what would you do?

    Hear our debaters present the case for and against and then tell us what you think before casting your vote.

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