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    Debating London: is it time to abolish tuition fees?

    Wednesday 19th July

    7.00 pm to 9.30 pm

    Tea House Theatre

    Vauxhall SE11 5HL


    About this debate

    The tuition fees debate was re-opened during the election campaign when the Labour party pledged to abolish them entirely and now ruptures have appeared within the governing Conservative party too over whether its current policy should at least be reviewed.


    Since 2011, universities have been allowed to charge up to £9,000 per year in tuition fees with almost all of them taking advantage of the new cap to charge the full amount. However, only graduates earning over £21,000 have been required to re-pay their loans and in response to fewer graduates than expected surpassing that threshold, interest rates on loan repayments for those who can afford them are now set to rise to 6.1%


    In this era of austerity, many complain that this is unfair and unsustainable, while defenders of tuition fees reply that it is right that students who can afford it be expected to pay something towards their education. Others assert that it is time to re-define the purpose and value of higher education before deciding what to do about fees.


    Tell us where you stand and why in our pre-debate poll.

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