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  • replay - social media debate

    From Debating London on Wednesday 19th April 2017

    Debating London

    This House Believes social media is weakening democracy


    Missed the debate or just want to listen to it again. Follow the link below to hear how our speakers went about defending their positions and responding to the audience's questions and comments in this delicate debate.

  • debating london - bi-monthly public debates in vauxhall

    No hidden agendas. No special interests. These are public debates for people who want to hear trained debaters examine the arguments for and against and leave their own opinions at the door. Hear what they have to say, ask your questions and share your thoughts, then cast your vote.

    How we decide what to debate

    Turning a topic into a 'motion'

    We typically debate issues that divide public opinion, which last year ranged from Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump to closing down zoos and boycotting the Oscars. Topics are expressed not as a question, but as a proposal that the audience must vote to accept or reject after hearing all the arguments. We call these motions.

    Selecting our speaker teams

    Putting our members in the hot seat

    Only members of the club's training programme are invited to speak at Debating London, so they can practice in front of a live audience. Six speakers are divided into two teams: one in favour of the motion and the other against. However, we pick the teams and they must defend the position they are given even if they personally disagree.

    How we get the audience involved

    Asking questions and making decisions

    The audience play a crucial role in Debating London. After hearing from the speaker teams, they cross-examine both sides by either asking a question or explaining where they stand. They must then decide who they agree with most, voting both before the debate and after, so we can see how many people have changed their minds.

    Why we ask you for feedback

    Advancing the development of our members

    Debating London is a vital training ground for members to develop their communication and analytical skills. As a result, we like to know who you found most persuasive and why. So, we run small focus groups with five or six people at the end of each debate and write up the feedback in debate summaries for our members.

    How to watch Debating London

    Free of charge and open to all

    We don't charge for admission and we don't keep a guest-list, so it's very much a case of first come first served. All you need to do is register on-line (so we don't exceed the capacity of our venue). If you're on the mailing list, you'll be sent a link automatically, but you can also sign up here on the website, on facebook and on meetup.

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    Become a member and you will have exclusive speaking opportunities at Debating London as well as free access to our training manual and monthly workshops - see the 2017 programme below for details on what we have planned for this year and how to sign up...

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